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Simplify internal corporate communications.
  • Internal Communication PebbleTalk simplifies internal corporate communication.

    HR teams can make use of PebbleTalk to make the overall process of human resource management even more effective.
    PebbleTalk helps HR teams track the penetration of corporate policies such as policies for effective corporate communication, those against sexual abuse, policies against racial discrimination, policies checking gender bias and more.
    On PebbleTalk, HR teams can create and run communication and marketing channels for a host of corporate social responsibilities programs.
    PebbleTalk can help HR teams create groups of interested participants from within the organization based on their profiles and interests. That way, PebbleTalk ensures that HR teams are able to build an even better corporate image for their organizations.
    Through its context-tracking and analytics, PebbleTalk can help human resource teams track the progress of their initiatives and assess their efficacy.
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