• PebbleTalk: Enterprise Collaboration Software: Employee Engagement, Channel Partner Management, Enterprise 2.0
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Know your colleagues. Engage. Collaborate. Out-think competition.
  • Employee Profile Connect People to Build a thriving employee community PebbleTalk integrates with LDAP servers and the Active Directory to fetch employee information. PebbleTalk's user-friendly UI enables professional updates and building powerful business networks. Teams get to see like-minded people working on problems similar to theirs across the organization. PebbleTak helps solve real-life business problems better by bringing colleagues to collaborate online on corporate intranets and deliver better solutions. Complete Professional Updates On PebbleTalk, employees can update their profiles to include descriptions of current and previously held positions, areas of professional interest, teams they work with, patents, awards, recognitions, testimonials and professional accolades they have received and a lot more. More Vibrant Workplaces and Great Intranet Communities Since PebbleTalk also works as a social networking software for businesses, employees can key in their hobbies and interests, follow updates from colleagues and have people following them. With PebbleTalk's features of making groupings possible across multiple parameters and HR teams can plan a better offsite and team events and managers can hold great morale boosting events. Thus PebbleTalk connects people in an enterprise and enables new and powerful ways for them to collaborate.
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