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Make the best use of the power of Microsoft SharePoint and PebbleTalk
  • SharePoint Integration Many enterprises have already invested heavily in their SharePoint deployments. PebbleTalk helps derive greater value from this investment by integrating with Sharepoint. More Contexts and Collaboration With PebbleTalk, organizations can be more effective in their usage of SharePoint. Contexts behind documents, comments and conversations of users accessing that information and user likes and dislikes can all make the entire process of storing, retrieving and working on information available in documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc. all the more meaningful for teams. More Effective Knowledge Management Programs With learning and development teams from the HR function and line managers (project managers, sales and marketing managers, operation managers and more) getting an idea of preferences of employees through PebbleTalk's usage analysis data, more structured knowledge management programs can be created and administered with better results.
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