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Form teams in your global enterprise. Collaborate. Innovate.
  • Forum, Groups and Community Creation Bringing Like-Minded People Together User groups, forums and communities can be created in PebbleTalk to enable teams to focus on specific agenda and work. These forums, groups and online communities can be project teams, research teams, sales teams, marketing teams, HR teams, teams from public relations or high level strategic teams comprising of senior management (board members, vice presidents, senior managers and more). PebbleTalk online communities and forums can even be from the extended enterprise such as technology channel partners, technology evangelists, key opinion leaders, sales channel partners, media relation companies, public relations agencies and a host of other groups. PebbleTalk ensures safe and secure online collaboration over extended corporate intranets or corporate extranets. Formation of Technical User Groups PebbleTalk can be used to create organization-wide forums around technical topics. These forums can then have people asking questions, responding to them, holding live discussions across teams and geographies and solving real-life business problems in real time. What is more - with PebbleTalk, organizations would always have records of these solutions with the entire conversations that went into making these solutions. These records can be used for solving future problems. Companies can come up with solutions faster while simultaneously moving to solving larger and more complex problems. Collaborate on bid-responses PebbleTalk enables sales and pre-sales teams to collaborate on bid-responses. Content generated during the bid preparation process (negotiating with internal teams, discussions over service levels, references to past bids etc. ) is preserved even after the bid is created. This categorized, context-specific content can be made available for subsequent bid responses. Interaction with Channel Partners Groups can be formed with channel partners - form both sales and technology channels. That way, even the extended enterprise can participate in problem solving and innovation through PebbleTalk.
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