• PebbleTalk: Enterprise Collaboration Software: Employee Engagement, Channel Partner Management, Enterprise 2.0
  • Enterprise social network
Analyze how your organizational DNA works.
  • Analytics Usage-based Diversity and Collaboration Collaboration in PebbleTalk is woven around context, conversations, files shared, comments, likes, dislikes, ratings, micro-blogs and a lot more. PebbleTalk Analytics uses each of these streams to tell decision makers about how their teams think and work. User-based Diversity and Enterprise Collaboration With PebbleTalk Analytics, review meetings across any organizational agenda can be made more effective. PebbleTalk Analytics work across online communities in corporate intranets, corporate extranets (channel partners and extended enterprise), research teams, human resources teams, HR teams entrusted with learning, development, training and employee engagement agenda, project teams and a lot more. Tracking Initiatives and Helping Build an Innovative, Creative and Agile Enterprise PebbleTalk Analytics can track organizational initiatives such as various knowledge management programs, employee training and development across levels or hierarchies in companies, channel partner programs, promotion programs, customer engagement programs, pan-organization surveys and polls and a lot more. Get the power of PebbleTalk today!
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